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I should write. what should I write ? This was the question that came to my mind . I was sitting alone in my room with my thoughts rotating around my head like the solar system .i hit the pause to that thoughts when I heard the sacred chanting from the nearest temple through loudspeakers . fraction of a second my mind ran through the epics ,I was then chatting with VYASA ,the great saint who wrote the small epic MAHABHARATHA ,joking, I was watching the epic as in the movie of Gibson, I was walking ,walking around the characters like a vagabond . That’s it. Stop there! it is the person I am going to draw through my words…who is he? Its none other than LORD KRISHNA! . the one and only KRISHNA. The god! Ok! I shall write something about Krishna that is true according to epics. So I went through many books , many sites . many queries were solved , many solutions were found. Pause!!!!!!!!!!! I saw something. Take a glance back to the page , it’s the ancestral history of Krishna. Correlation, regression, probability, statistics nothing…..only fact….I found something!! Why can’t I create Krishna in a different form? An unusual character that most of the people doesn’t know about! Yes I will make KRISHNA an anti hero .i will narrate him as a villain. a great villain of all time.

When I said it to my family the response was said “ you are gone mad”, and my friends just laughed at me saying “ram on another insane mission”.

Laugh it off . I like these inspirations. Really I dare to write anything. But here let me give a try. I can’t predict how successful it would be, but let me give a try. Whether it makes any sense or any nonsense. Don’t know.

Months did I lost for this ,nights that were sleepless and exact date I think from 15th of march till today…

But I am rolling over and let me put the cards on the table.

From this point I am starting this journey named “KRISHNAYAN”… a journey through Krishna…..

It may be boring at the beginning. But you can watch the great Indian epic Mahabharatha from a different view point. From a real point of weirdness.

According to Hindu mythology ,ages are four in number (yugas).they are pretty long lasting periods for thousands of years, since the origin of mankind. According to them now its KALIYUG, the AGE OF ANGER.

The age that we are going to discuss is the third one ,just before kaliyug .DWAAPARA YUG.the third age. In this age “YAGAS”, sacrifices to gods, were considered as the path to eternity or salvation.

By mythology ,BRAHMA ,the god among the trinity who is the creator,originated from lord VISHNU ,the one among trinity who handles the equilibrium, then from Brahma everything originated .like earth, water, wind ,human, animals ,trees, all scraps ….

So from Brahma originated the mighty son SWAAYAMBHOOMANU.from him , his son PRIYAVRITHA originated and from there the reign of supremacy over the world succeeded to NABHI ,the grandson of PRIYAVRITHA.NABHI had a successor (his son) and NABHI’s grandson RISHABHA and RISHABHA’s son was named BHARATHA.

This king BHARATHA ruled the present ASIA , so do we call India as “BHARATH” , the land ruled by BHARATHA .it is also said that the father of SANTHANU ,another king of same dynasty ,ruled this land and his name was also BHARATHA so India got the name as BHARATH. But there is a controversy that this second one had a son named VIDHATHA, who was named as BHARATHA after his father’s reign .so leave it like that. anyway BHARATH got its name (:P)

Now let us move on to our path. it may not be acceptable for everyone .but for those who are interested , this may be a different experience.

The war of KURUKSHETHRA in MAHABHARATHA epic was between mighty KAURAVAS and PANDAVAS for the kingdom of BHARATH.THE BHARATHA DYNASTY. but my question is that whether they were the real successors of the dynasty?

NO they were not…then who? A person of whom we would never even think of such a position..

YES the one and only LORD KRISHNA….(NUTGUT GOPAL…………..)

To answer this we have to tire back a little of the epical history

From BRAHMA originated the saint Athri. From Athri ,Chandra(moon) and from Chandra Budha and from Budha the mighty king PURURUVAS and from him AYUSS and from Ayuss, NAHUSHA and from him YAYATHI.

So from here we accelerate and search our answers…

KRISHNAYAN the journey through Lord Krishna starts here.

Yayathi ruled the Bharatha dynasty .he had 2 wives.



From Devayani he had the son YADHU and from Sharmishta- PURU (there are many more children but they are unimportant)

One day Yayathi got affection towards a girl named ASRUBINDUMATHY .he wished to marry her. But the king was old. So only the girl asked him to comeback after getting youth. so the king returned to his country and asked everyone to donate their youth to him .but no one did. he asked his elder son Yadhu. Yadhu refused. Then he asked Puru,but Puru agreed and gave his youth to his father and took his oldage.the king married Asrubindhumathy and came back to the palace. And lived another thousand years with joy. Sharmishta and Devayani didn’t like this(natural).so the king got angry and asked yadhu to kill the two wives. But then also he refused.

So he got angry on yadhu and cursed the son yadhu…

(This is an important point in epical history)

“In future the man in your heredity will marry his own uncle’s daughter and his son will rule his mother’s kingdom. Not father’s….”

And the angry king sends him out of the country at once. And thus PURU gets the crown that belonged to YADHU.

Now let us tire through PURU.

PURU got the kingdom and ruled with prosperity for a long time and he also got back his youth. So he became the king of the kingdom of which YADHU was the HEIR, the PURU dynasty was succeeded by his grandson KURU, from whom the KURU dynasty started .KURU’S grandson BHAVUKA and his grandson BHARATH and his heir SANTHANU.

This SANTHANU had 2 wives 1.sathyavathi 2.ganga

From Ganga ,Santhanu had the son ,the mighty warrior BHEESHMA and from Sathyavathy he had the son named VICHITHRAVEERYA, who succeeded after Santhanu . Vichithraveerya had 2 wives

1. Ambika 2.Ambalika

But vichithraveerya was killed by a gandharv king in a war and he had no children at that time…

So see ,here ends the mighty KURU dynasty….

Ambika and Ambalika got pregnant from VEDAVYASA, who is the elder brother of Vichithraveerya and the author of Mahabharatha.

From this they got 2 children

Dritharaashtra and Pandu

Dritharaashtra was blind , so Pandu ruled the kingdom.

From Dritharaashtra, KAURAVAS(the 100 brothers and a sister) evolved and from Pandu the mighty PANDAVAS (five brothers).

Note: still these people are ruling the kingdom of YADHU…

Now let us take a look at YADHU.

Being exhausted from the country, poor Yadhu settled far away within a group of shepherds and thus became their king and his reign started as a king there. So emerged the YADHU DYNASTY or the YADHAVA DYNASTY. Don’t be surprised. This dynasty , you will be heard of..the real ancestor of LORD KRISHNA.

Are you people dithered reading this much? I think my narration is explicable

Now towards subject:

YADHU’s grandson HEHEYA continued the reign and passed it on to KRITHAVEERYA ,his great grandson. And this KRITHAVEERYA had a son “Kaarthavaaryarjun”,the king who had thousand hands. He passed the heredity to his great grandson ZINI and Zini passed it to his great grand son JAYAN and JAYA’s grandson PRIZNI. This PRIZNI had two children.

1 Chithraradha

2 Zyapalka

From here Yadhava dynasty continues through CHITHRARADHA.

Chithraradha had 2 children

The first was VIDOORADHA and the second KUKOORA.

Now let us start from Kukoora.

Kukooraa’s great grandson KAPOTHAROMAV and his great grandson DARIDRA.(daridra in Sanskrit means pauper but this man was a king)and Daridra’s great grandson AAHUKA.

AAHUKA had 2 children



DEVAYAN had a son named DEVAPAN and DEVAPAN had a daughter. Her name was DEVAKI.i think you know her. The holy mother of LORD KRISHNA.

UGRASENA had a son named KAMSA, who was brutally killed by our little KRISHNA.

GUESS where we reached!

Now let us roll on a bit backward…click rewind button …<<<<

KUKKOORAA’s brother VIDOORADHAN‘s follower was his grandson ZINI ,ZINI’s great grandson DEVAVAHAN and his great grandson SOORAN.SOORAN’s son was VASUDEVAN. I think you people know him also…the great daddy of LORD KRISHNA.

VASUDEVA married his uncle’s daughter DEVAKI.(remember the curse of Yayathi ?)

And KRISHNA ruled his mother’s kingdom not father’s.

VASUDEVA and DEVAKI gave birth to LORD now you know who is the real heir, successor of the great BHARATHA DYNASTY!

The knowledge of lord KRISHNA can be mentioned by a single word in Sanskrit “PRAGJYAANAM BHRAHMA” ,means the knowledge that “ I am everything ,I am the past ,present and future” so do the lord knew that he is the real heir for the BHARATHA dynasty.

Within a fraction of a second he can destroy PANDAVAS and KAURAVAS and conquer his kingdom back. But! What will the world say? What will the history tell in future? That Mr. KRISHNA, the lord himself killed everyone for a handful of sand? So isn’t it better to make one of his YADHU blood to be the king of BHARATHA DYNASTY than he himself conquering the dynasty and so no one will know about his intentions and no one will think about and know about the anti hero inside Krishna !

KRISHNA’s Hocus pocus manipulations start here…

So you people were reading this for this time and let me ask you a question.

“In olden days marriage was in the concept of giving a piece of new cloth to a woman, it may be a sari or some dothi,what so ever it is…so at the time of PAANCHALI VASTHRAAKSHEP(I think you know that incident, one of the root cause of the war)KRISHNA gave her cloth.

So what is KRISHNA to her? Hihihihihihihihi :P

Leave it let us go through this way…

It was one of Krishna’s tricks that he made Arjuna his brother- in- law by making him marry Subhadra, Krishna’s sister. So she became Arjuna’s wife and a clear link to PURU dynasty is made from YADHU dynasty. And the child in that relation , ABHIMANYU,was married to UTHARA (by history Uthara is the daughter of Virada and king VIRADA is the heir of KUKOORAA’s heir VAHNI). As Krishna wished , ABHIMANYU, became half YADHU blood and PURU blood. And by marrying UTHARA, their child became almost YADHU dynasty. (leave the ratios behind).so as to make sure that ABHIMANYU, not to marry anyone else and there is no other successor for PANDAVAS ,Krishna indirectly kills ABHIMANYU, by making Arjuna absent in the war field on the day kauravas made CHAKRAVYOOH ,so that ABHIMANYU,was the only one to intrude to that and he will be history ..So Krishna indirectly made him die and made sure that there are no more successors for pandavas.

The war was over and that day itself Krishna took pandavas along with Panchali with him to the top of a hill to show Karna’s body….what so ever it is. They were only 7 in number. Only seven, leaving everyone else behind at the resting place, at the war tents pandavas children (children from panchali) and other relatives were sleeping and mighty ASWATHAAMA broke in and murdered everyone even without leaving sleeping new born babies. He not even left a single atom of life.

The person Krishna, who knows the past present and future took only the seven up the hill. Why did he do that? Why didn’t he save even a single child of Panchali?

When the war was in progress and pandavas lost the greatest warrior GHADOLKACHA and IRAAVAN, lord Krishna said” good, else tomorrow or the other day I would have killed him! “

Wow! Fabulous thought! Why should Krishna kill them? For the dynasty?

The Krishna who owed that he won’t touch weapons in the war. Why? If so ABHIMANYU, GHADOLKACHA and others would never be dead .right naa? PANCHALI’s children would have survived..

Isn’t it so?

All these are the side of a coin .so let us read the other side.

The Krishna, who let all the children of PANCHALI die, saved the life of dead neo-natal growth inside the uterus of UTHARA, even though the growth was destroyed by the NARAYANASTHRA of ASWADHAMA. Why? And why he made PAREEKSHITH, son of UTHARA, alive and made him the successor of BHARATHA DYNASTY.?

SAMBHAVAN, ANIRUDH, all were KRISHNA’s children, wasn’t KRISHNA the one who brutally murdered every one of them by making them fight each other and beating them with a PESTLE?


Just because Krishna had 16008 wives and many of them were in immoral relations with their children and guards (they are really nasty stories).

At last in the fog end , standing at the optimum point of knowledge, at the ultimatum of knowledge, wasn’t Krishna pontificating us?

People, who are obsequious of Krishna, just think all these facts, understand that KRISHNA is the other name for KNOWLEDGE.

Wasn’t Krishna the real heir of BHARATHA DYNASTY?

At the fog end, didn’t he make one of the YADHU heir sit in the thrown?

So whom do you think was, is and will be the greatest manipulator of all time?

Isn’t it our sweet crooked little Krishna?

Nb: whatever I have written is not the brashness or arrogance that I have towards beliefs .but only due to the knowledge that I understood god in a true sense.

The level of knowledge at which Krishna stood was such an optimum.

KRISHNAYAN”, my journey through KRISHNA doesn’t end here.

BUT that’s all for the time..

“Ohm sreekrishna paramaathamane namaha”




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